What is Seesaw?

In our Classroom

Keep your eyes peeled for an email allowing you access to our classroom. Also feel free to share it with important people in your child’s life that would like to be connected to what they do in the class everyday. You’ll get behind the scene looks at the school musical, see all the different stages of a monarchs life, feel like you’re at CORE PE with us, and experience a day in the life of your student.


Favorite Blogs

What are my favorite blogs

Some of my favorite blogs to follow are ones that share resources and tell how things are going in their classes. I also enjoy following blogs that allow me to learn new things. I’ll also take some time to browse blogs about Special Education

Videoconferencing in an Elementary Classroom

Videoconferencing Magic in the Elementary School Classroom

SPEDtacular Students

Inspired Elementary

Apps That We're Using

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